The way to drive traffic to your website

The way to drive traffic to your website

Being a digital marketer, the biggest challenge is “How do I drive more traffic to my website?”. 

Between creating another blog post, publishing something on social media, and planning for another email campaign, it’s difficult to think back and see what’s directing people to your webpage and what isn’t. 

The rundown below will assist you with expanding the traffic to your website, produce more leads, and improve ROI.


Paid search, social media advertising and display advertising are generally amazing methods of pulling in visitors, building your image and getting your site in front of people. Alter your paid strategies to suit your goals – do you simply need more traffic, or you’re hoping to increase conversions, as well? Each paid channel has its advantages and disadvantages, so contemplate your targets beforehand.

Get Social

It’s insufficient to create extraordinary content and hope that people see it – you have to be proactive. Perhaps the most ideal approach to expand traffic to your website is to use social media to advance your content. Twitter is perfect for short, smart links. In case you’re a B2C company, you may discover extraordinary foothold with image-heavy social sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Mix and Match

There is no formula for content marketing success, regardless of what some might believe. Hence, vary the length and configuration of your content to make it as engaging as possible to various types of audiences. Blend shorter, news-based blogs with long-form content just as video, infographics and information-driven pieces for most extreme effect.

Compose Irresistible Headlines 

Headlines are one of the most significant pieces of your content. Without a convincing headline, even the most far-reaching blog will go unread. Ace the art of writing headlines. For instance, the writers at BuzzFeed and Upworthy regularly compose upward of twenty distinct headlines before settling down at one. 

Focus On-Page SEO 

Think SEO is dead? Reconsider. Improving your content for the search engine is an important and beneficial practice. Are you benefiting much from picture alt text? Are you creating internal links in your content? Shouldn’t something be said about meta depictions? Improving on-page SEO doesn’t take ages, and it could help support your organic traffic.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Got your high-intent keyword and well-known keywords guarded? Then, it’s an ideal opportunity to target long-tail keywords, as well. Long-tail keywords represent a larger part of web searches, implying that in case you’re not focusing on them as a major aspect of your paid search or SEO endeavours, you’re passing up a great opportunity.

Start Guest Blogging 

Making sure about a guest post on a legitimate site can increase the blog traffic to your website and help incorporate your brand. Be cautioned, however – principles for guest blogging have changed profoundly and malicious strategies could bring about penalties. 

Post Content to LinkedIn 

LinkedIn has become much more than just a platform to find jobs. The world’s biggest social network is also a significant publishing platform which implies you should publish content on LinkedIn too. Doing so can support traffic to your site, just as increase your profile within your industry – particularly if you have moderate to large following.

Implement Schema Microdata 

Implement schema (or another microdata format) won’t really increase traffic to your website, however, it will make it simpler for search engine bots to discover and list your pages. Another advantage of using schema for SEO so that it can improve the click-through rates.

Link Internally 

The quality of your link profile isn’t exclusively controlled by what number of locales link back to you – it can likewise be influenced by your internal linking structure. When making and publishing content, make certain to look out for open doors for internal links. This assists with SEO, and in addition brings about a superior, progressively useful experience for the user – the foundation of expanding traffic to your website.

Ensure Your Site is Responsive 

Today, more people are utilizing cell phones to get to the web, and on the if you force your guests to pinch and look over their way around your webpage, you’re basically instructing them to go somewhere else. Regardless of whether you have a basic website, you despite everything need to guarantee that it is accessible and serenely viewable on multiple devices.

Ensure Your Site is Fast 

Site taking too long to load? If your site takes a while to load, your bounce rate will be high. Ensure that your pages are optimized. The longer your site takes to load, the lower the traffic will be. 

These are a few things that you can consider to increase the traffic on your website. We are Wholesale webb providing SEO services Sydney, Melbourne, Australia.

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