About Progressive Web Application

We are pretty sure that you might have at least heard it once that Progressive Web Applications are the future. They are expected to bring congruence to web and native apps, help the mobile app developers in Australia reach greater heights and push the mobile web world to a whole new level. That sounds pretty fascinating. But, what exactly does a Progressive Web Application mean?

Progressive Web Applications blend advantages of mobile applications and the web, delivering even satisfying user experience. Businesses are switching to PWAs to meet wants for the present users while limiting their development and maintenance costs.

Saving Effort and Cost

While developing a Native Application, one needs a separate development process for every single mobile platform. Whereas, when it comes to a Progressive Web Application you only need to develop it once and it is up and running for all platforms. Moreover, it does not need approvals from Playstore (Android) or App Store (iOS), which again is a win-win as when it comes to the native applications, you need to take permissions from Playstore and iOS. Also, it is faster to develop and is easier when it comes to fixing bugs. Lastly, the maintenance effort is pretty low. This overall sums-up that Progressive Web Applications in Australia are time-saving and cost-effective as compared to Native Applications.

Growing Popularity

PWAs are incredible, effective, quick and native application-like.

It’s difficult to envision a mobile web property that couldn’t be fundamentally improved by means of Progressive Web Application. They can conceivably kill the requirement for some “vanity” native applications that exist.

Progressive Web Applications are killing it in the digital world right now. Various brands, like, Twitter, Starbucks, and Pinterest have detailed an impressive increment in engagement levels when they switched to Progressive Web Application. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Higher User Engagement
  • More Security
  • Streamlined and Fast Website
  • Offline Access

Limitations of native mobile applications

We are keen on giving reasons on why you should consider opting for Progressive Web Applications over Native Web Applications. The reasons are:

Limitations with User Interface: Hybrid apps have a user interface that isn’t as seamless when compared to native apps. Since these apps run on web view, the smartphone’s full potential cannot be used as much, which eventually leads to a poor UI. App developers try to use other means like open-source frameworks including react native for achieving a good UI for the app. The reason behind choosing react native is simple. They allow the app’s UI to look similar to JavaScript.

Inability to Explore Potential of a Platform: The greatest misfortune with native applications is the inability to explore the maximum capacity of the platform. Each platform, regardless of whether iOS or Android includes unique features and functionalities which can be homogenized into applications. Likewise, with regards to traditional applications, this is conceivable when extra plugins and codes of the platform are included. This prompts a delay in the entire application development process.

Questionable Security: Traditional Applications are usually less secure than Progressive Web Applications. Adversities like data-theft or problematic validation can be a serious threat.


Benefits of availing services at wholesale webb

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Picking the best application development agency reflects into coherence and versatility of your product.

At Wholesale Webb, we deliver Progressive Web Applications that are exceptionally secure, quick to load and high performing. Our goal is to cater to staggering solutions with negligible effort and exceptional features.

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Responsive PWA Design

Our team of experts develop PWAs that are highly responsive and give smooth interactivity.

The responsive applications we create deliver an exceptional performance as well.

Custom PWA Development

At Wholesale Webb we are focused on Progressive Web Application (PWA) development to guarantee our customers can indulge in the features of a Native Application. We are the best progressive web application developers in Australia. We deliver swift mobile applications with remarkable UX.

Application Migration to PWA

Wholesale Webb has the skills to relocate your current App to a Progressive Web App and incorporate astounding and creative features to aid your business to hold a competitive edge over others.

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